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Hugo Comte's editing technique

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  • Hugo Comte's editing technique

    I wondered if anyone can pinpoint what this photographer is doing in post to achieve this look. All his photos have a unique 90's film camera look and feel about them. And I'm pretty sure some (if not all) are being shot digitally and this look is being created in post.

    I wondered if any experts could figure out what it is he's doing? I imagine its to do with contrast, highlights, clarity and some work with colours, but I just can't figure out what's happening.

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    Hi cb14.

    Having scanned both negatives and their corresponding photo prints from the late 1980 and 1990s period the main difference I noticed was the introduction of black to the photo prints in the shadows. Also labs tended to emphasize the dominant colour in the print creating a bit of a colour cast on the print - whether that was done with high end photos I am not sure but certainly your standard over the counter photo prints had this characteristic. Looking at the examples you have given I would say they certainly have more black in them and not just because the model is wearing black in some of the images. Also one of the images which has a blue toning in the clothing also looks like it has a bit of a blue cast. There are probably numerous methods you could use to create these effects.... my initial thoughts are using photoshop:

    1.adding a curves adjustment layer and playing with the curve to introduce more black into the image in the shadows (being careful not to affect the contrast) or using the shadows slider in camera raw and
    2. adding a hue and saturation adjustment layer and increasing the saturation of the dominant colour in the image or try overlaying a photo filter layer using that colour.

    I am sure others here will have some other suggestions as to how to achieve these effects.


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      Thanks so much for your help, I'm going to give both those methods a try :-)


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