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  • Analog style

    Hello guys,
    Can someone help me about this :
    How to get that analog style,natural,film look on pictures?
    Alot people ask me can i do that for them.
    I try something with curves but i didnt get what i want...

    Thank you so much!!!!

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    Shoot film. To emulate filmstock so it really looks like the real deal, you have to be extreme experienced and know how to manipulate how each stock reacts to conditions, light quality/quantum. How the grain structure is from toe to shoulder and how grain is viusual in the different color layers of the film. Film is film and i do not know about any one to simulate the way film looks and give dynamic range and "sees" light from all angles on the film along its exosure area. The sensor wells on a sensor only detect straight incoming light. Colorfilm is biological and makes biological colors in its own palette, depending on the filmstock. All digital captures i have seen where they try to make it look like a real quality film still, is always looking like a imitation. It always says "Hi, look, im trying to convince you that im shoot on film, but yes, im a digital image - raped in post production, please ask my creator stop doing this.


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