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  • Just joined and want to say hi

    Hi!, my name is Mariah and I am new here. To be honest I really never been on a forum before, I have heard that in a forum we help each other with our experience and knowledge. I am really interested in joining you people as I am also a graphics designer and I have my own websites which I run and do free lancing for a living. I would appreciate if you guys help me out in time of needs.

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    Hi mariah. Welcome to the board. Good to have you here.


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      by parkeremily10
      hi i am new to this forum, i have joined this forum as i have lot of interest in photography


      04-29-2010, 12:22 AM
    • andronicus707
      by andronicus707
      Hi...I just joined recently and thought I'd start off by saying "Hi"; I have been spending time reading through the forums and realize this is a great place to learn.
      01-26-2009, 09:47 PM
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      Hi Everyone!

      I'm new to the forum (well i say new, I joined a while ago and have been lurking for a bit).

      Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to you all.

      I've recently started out retouching, have been doing it for about three months now (so am...
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    • TopiToo
      just joined
      by TopiToo
      Hello everybody

      Been lurking in the background for a while, so took the plunge and jumped in.

      I am based in the UK london and always looking for new work and sharing ideas

      Hope to learn from you guys . . as you all seem to know what your doing...
      10-23-2009, 04:27 PM
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      Ii am playiing with some very old negatives from my father and grandfather's stock and posted a few in an album. I am not looking to make pristine images, but am interested in the visual effects. I used a flatbed scanner which I understand is not the best, but it's all I have, and then tried to bring...
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