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Hopefully not OT: Vertustech Fluid Mask

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  • Hopefully not OT: Vertustech Fluid Mask

    Does anyone know if Vertustech are still going?
    I purchased their Fluid Mask 3 some years ago, and after changing my Windows 7 ssd
    from 125Gb to 500Gb in March, Fluid Mask 3 is now not activated.
    The message I get on trying to open the program starts
    Licence Error: [Internet license activation failed.
    Bad HTTP transaction with activation server (-136) (HTTP: 401)]
    nal-lic: []
    rep-act: [7941700762549518]
    rep-lic: [LICENSE vertustech fluidmask 1.0 permanent uncounted
    hostid=disksn=2B2E07831D0B01058908 _ck=6662fce83a sig="60P0451YD563 GJHPC1D2R3W4VXU45X04VDVK8XR22HEEJ3KVJYRA6JNMWXUDWMHGN97RPH4B5R" ]

    I emailed Vertustech twice about this in March but have had no reply.
    I tried their website and was greeted with a dialog stating that are requesting my username and password and that
    the site says 'Maintenance'. It has been the same since March.

    Can anyone help ?

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    Looks like they're long gone. Even their youtube channel hasn't been touched in two years.

    Abandonware is one of the only circumstances I'd recommend searching torrents for unlocked versions.
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    Take responsibility for learning


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