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Colorspace issues.

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  • Colorspace issues.

    Dear all,

    I am now struggling for a week with color space and get unwanted results when exporting my retouches online.

    Setup :

    - A7rIII (Shoot in Adobe RGB)
    - MacBook Pro
    - Benq SW271 - Calibrated with Color Palette and Xrite i1

    My Process :

    - Shoot with the Sony a7riii
    - Raw Adjustments in Capture1 20
    - Export to Tiff format and Import to Photoshop
    - Retouch on Photoshop and export to JPG with conversion to SrGB

    Result :

    Once I try to upload the Image on Instagram and check it on my phone, the colors are way too saturated and with a yellow + Magenta Tint

    Any Ideas what I am doing wrong ?

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    1: try viewing the original images you uploaded locally in your browser. Do they look how you want?
    2: Instagram uses the DCI-P3 colorspace, not sRGB. Try this conversion on one and upload it.
    3. If this still doesn't get you there, check the conversion settings

    Hope something helps.
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      Originally posted by Delacombe View Post
      Dear all,
      Once I try to upload the Image on Instagram and check it on my phone, the colors are way too saturated and with a yellow + Magenta Tint
      Any Ideas what I am doing wrong ?
      Simple, the browser isn't color managed. Without color management, sRGB or ANY color space is a meaningless concept. See:
      sRGB urban legend & myths Part 2
      In this 17 minute video, I'll discuss some more sRGB misinformation and cover:
      When to use sRGB and what to expect on the web and mobile devices
      How sRGB doesn't insure a visual match without color management, how to check
      The downsides of an all sRGB workflow sRGB's color gamut vs. "professional" output devices
      The future of sRGB and wide gamut display technology Photo print labs that demand sRGB for output
      High resolution:
      Low resolution on YouTube:


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