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a dark line in the area of focus after exporting

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  • a dark line in the area of focus after exporting

    figle migle pasek.png Hi everybody!

    I wondered if anybody can help me with this problem. I shot this close up on Nikon d810 tethered to Capture One. In C1 on the screen I cannot see any problem with the fabric cover of the book I shot in close up. When I export it, a line appears where it is in focus. I understand that it is a problem with sharpening, or at least I think it is. I disabled output sharpening then, but it is sill there. I tried to open the file in PS Camera Raw Filter, because I thought it might help, but it is till there. Can you help? What can I do to alleviate the problem, and how can I avoid it in the future?
    Bests. Edyta

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    Could possibly be moiré. Try rotating the image by some random factor (not divisible by 45) and exporting it. Is the line going the same direction over the same letters?

    Does it happen in all output formats, or just JPG and GIF? Try exporting as TIF to see if it is something in the lossy formats causing the problem.

    You say you can't see it onscreen, but is that the case at all magnifications? Try magnifications that are multiples of 45, then random magnifications. Any difference?

    Instead of sharpening, perhaps try a tiny amount of blur.

    Hopefully one of these might at least help you narrow down the areas of potential problems.
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      Thank you very much, Doug!
      I will try them all out and see, which one will do the trick )) So far I have tried exporting as TIF and in 16 bit, but it doesn't work ;(( WIll keep you posted Thank you so much for your help!
      Keep well. Edyta


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        Hi, there!
        Doug, after analysing your suggestions, I came to the conclusion that it is just an area of focus of fabric holes, which are black and they dominate the overall area in the stripe.
        What has worked, is to do High Frequency retouch - add another empty layer between high and low frequency, and just use brush in Lighten mode, sample the yellow from the lighter area and paint is gradually over the dark stripe. Is seems to do the trick! Check the attachment. I am so chuffed ;D Thank you - you led me into thinking about the possible causes and how to find a solution.
        Keep well in the meantime and have a great December! Edyta
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          Glad I was able to nudge you towards the right direction.
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