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What is the editing technique in this picture?

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  • What is the editing technique in this picture?

    Hi Guys, i'm new here so first hello !
    I wondered if anyone can pinpoint what i have to do in post to achieve this look ?
    I wondered if any experts could figure out what the graphic designer has been doing? Do you think i can achieve it in photoshop ? I just can't figure out what's happening.

    Thank you so much for your help !
    Have a lovely day
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    I see some solarization and some texture overlays. No idea who they are, or what they actually did, but those can be achieved using various "look" filters (plugins). There are many other ways, just google "photoshop solarization" for many techniques (no quotes).

    It appears the artist solarized a copy layer, then used layer masking to bring back the original in areas. Then used some texture fills on at least two blend layers (probably many more), along with their layer masks.

    Good luck. Post your progress.
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      Hey Doug, thanks for those usefull tips ! I'm gonna dig for that solarization and pluggins ! I'm gonna try that and show you the result !


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