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Help removing mirroring effect on old photos scans

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  • Help removing mirroring effect on old photos scans

    I recently scanned my old photo collection. Most of these (originals) photos are WWII photos (30's and 40's). A minority of them, when scanned, have a nasty blueish reflection on the darker parts of the image.

    I found this color deconvolution plug-in as a recommendation here on the forum and for some photos the result is perfect! But for some others the result have some bad side effects. The two major side effects are that some areas lose some details (like when you adjust levels in Photoshop: the details in the lighter areas are lost) and the color tone is changed quite a lot.

    How would you fix these reflections? I've been using Photoshop for quite some time but I'm far from an expert. If using the plug-in I mentioned above, how would you mitigate the side effects I listed?

    Thanks for your help!

    Here are two of my photos with before and after examples:

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    That silvering is common in older photos. It's a physical problem with the original print. There are a large number of techniques for this, none work with all photos. Try taking a photo instead of scanning. Try a polarizing filter on your camera lens. Try scanning at various angles, perhaps combining the best parts of various scans. These are techniques that have worked for some people.

    Try searching here for "silvering", it gets discussed a lot.
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