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  • Interference

    Hey there, I'm new here, so first of all I'd like to say HELLO to every member of this forum! Ok, so I got - well, I'm just thinking about it for now - a job restoring some photo scans from old magazines, sounds kind of easy, nothing fancy. They're just simple b&w halftone photos and would be a piece of cake de-screening them using FFT or Sattva, but the problem is that this is all they have! They can't re-scan anything since they don't have the originals, so we're stuck with these! This is actually what I'd have to work with, and - as you'll see in the examples - the worst part is that they have something I'd call a halftone or moire "interference" pattern. Now, here's the question: is there ANY way to get rid of this kind of pattern? Some of the photos are kind of better, some of them are even worse! Thanks in advance guys! Unfortunately I couldn't come up with a solution yet. Poljakov
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    Try going to this link, one of the members posted a photoshop action that is what your looking for.

    Hope it helps



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      Hello everyone! New here and just downloaded the pattern suppression V2.7 plugins for photoshop. When I run the plugin I get a message that the command "filter" is not available at this time message. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I am not getting the crossbar and star pattern screen like the tutorial shows - my image is actually still visible. Thank You!


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        Hi Suzanne71
        Did you follow all of the install instructions and then also restart Photoshop?


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          Greetings: I do restoration on old family images and images of things involving my client's families; I work often with rare images that have been digitized or a client has found in a historic reference and scanned it; they are often over a century old. I have several of these kind of images and am also looking for a solution. So far, I've tried three of three different PS tutorials with no success. I was pointed to this forum as a place which may have help. This is one of the images I need to clean up. This is from a 1901 monograph.
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