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remove microscopic white dots from a scanned image

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  • remove microscopic white dots from a scanned image

    When I scanned a very thin b&w negative and adjusted contrast, tones, etc the image has many microscopic white dots that are too large to remove using a noise reduction filter such as Neatimage (at least in the usual way). The most obvious areas are the dark areas and it would be particularly useful to clean up. Any ideas would be most welcome. I attach a sample of the photo.
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    There are several potential solutions, particularly since this is a lower rez image.

    I might start by sampling a color from an area, then filling a new layer with that color and put it below the original. Set the original to Darken blend mode (try others as well) and then click on the layer mask icon for the fill layer. Using a large-ish soft brush set to black paint over the areas of the image where the result is bad. Select another color, make another fill layer on the bottom, and continue on.

    You can also use a large soft clone brush set to darken on a new layer over the image (check the use all layers option on the brush). Again, try other blend modes as well. Change the brush size depending on the size of the feature you're cloning over.

    There are any number of variations on this theme. With careful selections, you might also be able to get some use out of content-aware fill. Save that as a plan C, though.

    Good luck! Post any results and tell us which technique you finally found of help.
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      You have received a good suggestion from Doug. I would also suggest trying the free Polaroid dust and scratch filter. Its an old app but works quite well. The plug in will only work on older 32 bit editors. But you don't need the plug in. The stand-alone programe works fine on Windows 10.

      The Polaroid Dust And Scratch Removal Tool with download links

      More reading here:

      Kind Regards



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        Did a quick 10 minute try and came up with this. Selected the hull of the ship placed it on a new layer, changed blending mode to darken nudged to the right 2 times, despeckled using filter in PS.
        Inverted selection and used PS dust and scratches to finish the top and the water.
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