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How to smooth rough texture on photo of candy

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  • How to smooth rough texture on photo of candy

    Hi gang,

    I'm trying to figure a way to smooth out the rough texture on a closeup shot of a piece of candy. One of those fruit "gel" snacks.
    To the eye normally they look pretty smooth. But a close up shot with directional lighting reveals more texture and the client would like it much smoother as it will be blown up large for a wall composite mural.
    Here is a reduced size sample from a Nikon D850 shot. The original file is 6738 x 4449 pixels. This sample is 3600px on long side.

    I know there is a way to make the top look much smoother. I've tried Surface blur and Gausian. Attempted to do something similar to Frequency Separation like you fo for skin - but I am not getting it where I want - without it just looking like I totally blurred the top of the product.
    Any ideas on how to proceed will be appreciated!
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