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  • Retouching questions♡

    Hello, I'm really new to retouching so forgive me if I have seally questions.
    I attached two pictures for u to see what I mean:
    the first question is how to achieve the same skin texture consistency(like in the picture of the woman with the purple lipstick)
    the second question is how did the retoucher did the golden highlights/glitter on the second picture of the blonde model?
    I'll really appreciate the help, thanks ahead
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    I'm sure any number of the hundreds of possible techniques were used, but I'd imagine they all began with a very high-resolution image and professional makeup and lighting. Without seeing the originals I can't be sure, but the things you're looking to replicate were probably largely in the original photos.

    That being said, you'd be amazed at how much can be done using adjustment layers + layer masks. Start with an S-shaped curves layer that accentuates the highlights, then invert the layer mask and gently start painting in the highlights you want with a large, very soft, and very low opacity brush. Then another S-shaped layer for the shadows. And try a gold color-fill layer in one of the color blending modes, invert and paint on the mask. And of course any of these layers can have the opacity lowered if it isn't quite blending well. Subtlety is key.

    I'm not saying this is THE way, but it is definitely A way to achieve the look you want. Experiment with other kinds of layers and with all the blending modes. You'll eventually develop a feel for what you're looking for.
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      Thank u so much Doug for replaying! You've been very helpful and I am excited to try it! Really appreciate it


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