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How To Make The Eyes Smile In Photoshop Elements

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  • How To Make The Eyes Smile In Photoshop Elements

    I have seen lots of online tutorials about using the liquefy tool to make the lips and cheeks smile. But that is only half the job in my opinion. The main part of a smile comes from the eyes. I have tried using the "smile" feature in Photoshop Elements 2020 but that is only partially successful (Enhance/Adjust facial features). It does a good job with the mouth but cannot really make the eyes smile properly.

    It seems that experienced Artists are far more advanced than photoshoppers and they can draw smiling eyes with ease. I found the video below interesting.

    Facial Expressions- How to Draw a Smiling Face With a Pencil (The main video starts after 30 seconds)

    The Android app "FaceApp" uses AI to make the eyes smile convincingly. However, using Bluestacks for PC to get into android and back into photoshop is very frustrating and the free version of this FaceApp limits what you can do.

    Photoshop CC has recently introduced Neural filters that can make the eyes smile.

    ​​The problem is that this feature is not yet available in Photoshop elements. I hope Adobe introduces it in the future.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to use traditional tools in Photoshop Elements to make the eyes smile? I haven't seen any tutorials anywhere. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    I did this one several years ago to illustrate what is involved in creating a smile. The key is to closely observe the muscles that are engaged when someone smiles, and then try to emulate those effects with the liquefy tool. Note, for example, how the eyebrows lift, the cheek "apples" move upward and outward, which pushes the lower eyelids up, and the tip of the nose drops slightly, etc.

    This is an animated gif that alternates between before and after.
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      Thank you very much for your reply and the attached picture. It's very helpful.

      Kind regards


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