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some simple editors can also improve image quality

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  • some simple editors can also improve image quality

    I don't have much editing experience with some advanced post-processing tools, such as Photoshop or LightRoom. But I found I can use some simpler tools to deal with simple works, such as making a blurry photo clear, retouching face photos, upscale anime wallpaper, or removing background/adding a new background. There are already many free editing tools that are friendly to newbies like me.

    So, for me, I would like to try different solutions as long as they can help improve my image quality. Here are three free editing tools that I use most.

    imgupscaler: an image resizing tool that allows you to resize your images while keeping their aspect ratio. It's a very simple tool with drag-and-drop support. You can upscale any small image to 2k and 4k for free. The best part? It is free and supports batch image upscaling.

    imglarger: a free web app to enhance image quality. You can use it to sharpen blurry images, enhance any details in a pic, reduce noise in the image, etc.

    Bgeraser: an automatic bg remover, allowing you to remove undesired image background. Plus, it can also remove objects, such as text, sports, and logos on a pic.

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