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  • Printing Color Problem

    I am having trouble printing this image and was hoping to get some help. I am working with a color image of a person with a flower. After creating a duplicate layer I changed it to monchrome using the channel mixer. Then I used the eraser tool to remove the monochrome flower and explose the color (of the flower) from the underlying layer. So what I see on the monitor is a b&w person with a color flower, but the printed image is all color. I've tried flattening the image, changing the color profiles, even copying the image, changing it to greyscale and dragging that layer into my original. I am sure I tried this before and it worked, but I just cannot remember what I did.

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    Use a mask on the second layer to "paint" the flower and then flatten the image. That should work.



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      Thank you for your advice Catia. I did get the same results though, until I change the printers settings to no color adjustment. Then went back to the original and the colors in the printout matched almost perfectly to what was on the screen. I have to go back and try this on full color images that I have always had a problem printing.