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B&W with one additional color

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  • B&W with one additional color

    I want to take a BW photo of my son and color only his eyes. I have seen this done before but have no clue on how do it in Photoshop. I'm still novice at this stuff so bare with me....

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    There are many ways to accomplish this. Here is my favorite:

    Open a blank layer above the photo to be colorized.

    Choose a bright version of the color to be added.

    Paint over the area to be colorized.

    Switch the new layer's blending mode to Color, and turn down the opacity until it looks like what you want.
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      Easy for you say...

      Thanks, I'll give it a shot....


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        Since I'm not very good at choosing colors, here's an additional step that I've found simplifies making adjustments w/o having to repaint: Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer above the layer where you painted the eye color.

        * Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue Saturation
        * Be sure the "Group with previous" checkbox is checked

        Adjust the sliders in the Hue/Sat dialog to vary the characteristics of the new eye color.



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          Hi CincoJoe,

          ...For colorizing, I use Doug's technique..

          Originally posted by CincoJoe
          Easy for you say...
          ....which is also very easy to carry out as you'll see from the attachment...

          If necessary, you can use Danny's technique to correct the colour...

          If you paint over skin etc., just use the Eraser Tool to correct your mistake ....

          Have fun ...
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