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  • New retoucher here

    I am somewhat new to this glamour enhancing stuff. I am open to any advise on improving my skills. I dont use a pad... right now I only use my mouse... so lashes are hard to get nice and thin. What you think of my first attempt at a glamour looking shot on Natalie? This is my daugther Natalie. I mostly make snapshots look professional somewhat LOL Should I keep at it? I just love doing it.

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    Overall it's pretty good. Her neck is blue-ish, but it's like that in the original. The eyelashes look a bit out-of-place (not because you don't have a pad, but because blond children her age don't have black eyelashes). Her lips look a bit dead, maybe eliminating 90% of the glare instead of 100% might add some life.
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      Oh thanks! You know I never even noticed the blue in her neck! See this is why I need more eyes! LOL

      Should I do lashes at all on her? or just lighten to a her hair color?

      Thanks again!


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        Personally, I'd leave them be. But if you really want them more visible, just copy a few of her own lashes, paste them to a new layer, set blend mode to Darken, and move them into place. You might want to do this in a few steps before you move on to the other eye (use lashes from the eye they came from).

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          This looks pretty good. Overall you did a great job. Just a couple of things I would do differently....
          I agree with Doug about the lips. A little shine is nice.
          The eye color is a bit over saturated, so it doesn't really look natural.
          Looking at the image, on the right, it's just on the verge of looking cut out. Most of that is due to the clean cut edge of the hair. It's too neat.
          I like the addition of flowers in her hair.
          Her dress looks a bit dingy, so I would brighten that up just a bit.

          My advice: If you love doing this, you should keep at it, I think you'll do well. Always look for ways to improve, always welcome critiques. A good retouchers work is rarely noticed, and that's how it should be.