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  • Color Replacement

    Hi everyone,
    I have two snaps and they have different exposures/white balances. How can I replace the overall cast of #1 with that of #2?
    I suspect there is a "quick step" to accomplish this. example, Image/Adjustments/Replace Color or Match Color; but I haven't been able to decipher them. Would someone be kind enough to provide the necessary steps to accomplish this?
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    I got acceptable results by using the eyedropper on a midtone color in image 2, then filling an empty layer over image 1 with this color and setting the blend mode to color. If you do this, you might want to use a layer mask to protect the white areas. This does, however, affect the color of the text.
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      Use solid color layer over the image. Color sampled via eyedrop tool. (215,182,173) in this case. Set layer blend to color.
      Tweek the color by using levels adjustment on the background copy underneath layer 1.

      PS: Did I just repeat what Doug said? I think so. I should be more careful reading posts.
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