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    It took me a long time (too long) to discover this wonderful site.
    I've already learned so many techniques, shortcuts.......but there are also a number of things that I discovered 'before' that I haven't seen here (did a search). One - just a quickie - is the use of the action buttons.

    I use actions regularly, and over some time I ended up with a (pretty well) fixed set. So I won't need to be altering the actions, just using them.

    On the actions palette, open the options and click 'button mode'. Now the actions have become buttons.

    - All actions are now 'one click', don't need to use (and remember) key combinations;
    - Easier to find the action - if you organize and color the buttons;
    - You can resize the palette (make it wider) and see all your actions at the same time;
    - Because the actions are now more acessible, makes it worthwhile recording simpler actions - like 'Merge everything to a new layer' (new layer, Ctl+Alt+Shift+E).

    - No access to the 'Toggle dialog on/off';
    - Got to turn off the button mode to alter the action.

    Or did everybody already know this?


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    Well, I (for one) did not know this. Thanks for the tip!

    One other disadvantage for me (after just trying it) is that you lose the folder names. I guess I could get used to looking for action names rather than folder names, but I've got so many actions that the folders really help to organize and "reduce" the list of actions I have to search through to find what I want.

    Still, a very worthwhile tip and much appreciated!