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Coloring shiny metall

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  • Coloring shiny metall

    I´m trying to make a shiny metallic surface look like it was painted with a matte color.

    I´m trying to do this with a color in a layer with soft light mode. But this only makes the surface look even more shiny. I want the surface have the same structure. Have tried all the blendingmodes at 100% but none works. The closest i´we come are with a colored layer in the mode darken at 60% opacity and another same color layer in multiply at 60%.

    How would you change the color of a silvermetallic car into a matte crimson color?

    Anyone got a tip on how to do this?

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    metallic to matte

    Well you could copy the background layer and use the Hue Sat Adjustment layer to change the color. You would select the area that needs changing and apply the hue to it to taste. To matte the color you could try the median blur filter or the gblur. You would need to tone down the specular highlights and spread the higher toned areas over a larger area.

    Why don't you post the image and then you could get more specific help.


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      Ok, this is what im going for. But I don´t think it looks good enough.
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        Crimson Plate

        Well the plate looks more brown than crimson. You did tone it down some and made it more matte like. So at any rate you select the plate; copy the plate to another layer to work on it. You can change its color by using a Hue Saturation adjustment layer with colorize option clicked. You can copy that layer and try a few filters like brush strokes/cross hatch and try a few blurs.

        I put a little more red in the picture, but I think you can get what you want with fiddling. Good luck.


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