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Color or contrast?

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  • Color or contrast?

    Something I can't quite decide on. -

    to choose a pic that needs mainly just colour correction or a pic that needs mainly tonal correction?

    ...Assuming of course that these are slight corrections needed and evenly matched in terms of quality(if that makes any sense). I'm not referring to those pics which have lost all detail in the shadows or highlights. i.e. i'm talking about pics where there is still enough pixel info available.

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    don't think i understand the question.

    to chose for what purpose? like, which is harder to fix?


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      yes, harder to fix / more effort.


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        I'd have to say color. Its so subjective a thing and one persons perception can be influenced by so many factors including age, physical changes in the eyes, cultural influences..... that I cringe when I have to work on a colored photo. Luckly, most of my work is with old B/W and any color is generally light tints to the cheeks etc. Tom


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          In my limited experience, I would say that color is without a doubt harder to correct than tonal problems. I think it's relatively easy to correct tonal values to an acceptable (even very good) level, but color sometimes gives me fits.



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            I assume by the way you worded your question it's what I would rather choose as the easier to do. So I chose to do the tone correction vs the color correction that is sooooo much harder for the reasons stated by Tom and Ed.


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              I would say I prefer to work with color corrections over tonal. Although, that might be because I get so many more tonal problems and I like the color challange for a change.


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