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  • jclguru
    Thanks everyone so far with all of the wonderful suggestions and
    examples. Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow and try it (dentist visit today).


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  • creeduk
    Here is a quick go, the mask was abit rough but as the background is not changed you get away with most of it. The first one is with Hard light and reduced opacity. The second one adds a layer of motion blur with each shot.

    I would have posted sooner but the web was down at my place.
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  • Gary Richardson
    Extracted figures from 2nd and 3rd pictures, and pasted into layers above 1st picture.

    Aligned figures.

    Adjust opacity of layers to taste.
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  • Doug Nelson
    Forgive my sloppy masking, but you can do much better with some time.

    Use Difference blend mode to precisely align all 3 images, reset to Normal mode, then use Select Color Range to select the grass and dirt of middle layer, make a layer mask, repeat with top layer. Adjust layer opacity if you desire (I didn't).

    I'm sure there are dozens of other ways of approaching this.
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  • Stroker
    I think additive would be good.

    All three on top of each other.
    Set the middle on to Linear Burn (or is it Linear Dodge?).
    Lower Opacity until happy.
    Set top to Linear Whatever as well and lower Opacity.

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  • jclguru
    started a topic Multiple Exposure

    Multiple Exposure

    I've attached the first 3 frames of a photo I'd like to make into a
    multiple exposure. The problem is, either I see to much of one
    layer and not the others or vice versa.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about achieving this?
    Nothing I do looks right.


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