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An image file to play with


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    Loss in detail TIFF vs RAW???
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    So I was wondering, how far do you guys push the raw before you are satisfied with the conversion?

    I found that once it's "balanced", it is easier for me to add color/contrast/whatever adjustments as adjustment layers in photoshop, rather to go trough couple of conversions?...
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    Little gift for all of you guys
    by Diego81
    I got an image and can't get rid of the noise on the shadows please help!

    by the way there is a NEF raw for everyone to play with...

    I hope you like it.

    Please post results of your interpretations....
    10-09-2008, 02:37 PM
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    Re: An image file to play with

    Figured I would have a go at this one too. If this is usable in my online/printed port. please let me know. Many thanks!

    *edited the collar as well, was flipped up and wrinkled on the right side.


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      Re: An image file to play with

      I went black and white.
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        Re: An image file to play with

        Had a few hours' downtime this afternoon;
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          Re: An image file to play with

          Tareq, a really nice composition for my tastes a little dark primarily on the right side of the subjects face. I took it into lightroom and did some adjustments white, black, exposure highlights and shadow and lightened up the background a bit with a radial filter and post crop vignette toward white versus dark
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            Re: An image file to play with

            My try.



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              Re: An image file to play with

              WOW, it has been 4-5 years since my last post here, and this photo was one of photos i am proud of from my Hassy and before i traded it for newer one that time.

              I will post another image later when possible, i have few photos of portraits and would like to see how you can turn that into an art or something else.

              Thanks for all your efforts and i appreciate it and liked most retouches here, keep up your good re-touches work.