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Practice Files for Retouching Rules

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  • Practice Files for Retouching Rules

    This is space for registered users to provide raw and other high-rez files for other registered users to practice their retouching. High quality images only, do not post images for help requests (there are other subforums for that).

    Use Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever your favorite image hoster might be and start a thread here in this subforum with the link and attach a thumbnail or thumbnail sheet.

    Only link or attach your own images. Do not link or attach anything you don't have permission to.

    No NSFW images.

    If you want to post your retouched version, don't start a new thread, use the original image posting thread.

    Attachments are preferred over links because they won't eventually stop working. Become a Patron if you need more room. But links are fine if that's what you prefer.

    Don't forget to specify your desired permissions (non-commercial, must give credit, only for private practice, etc.). The most common request is "can I use this in my portfolio?", so you might want to mention if that's ok.

    Do not post your email address in the open forum.

    Do not reply to this thread to post your links or work, but questions are welcome.
    Doug Nelson
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    I need raw files to practice retouching please...


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