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Offer Some Raw for Retouching [ amazing girl ]

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  • Offer Some Raw for Retouching [ amazing girl ]


    this RAW are only for show and use on Retouchpro, all distribution on other website will be punish by my laywer and model agency lawyer. You can use this picture for non commercial folio retoucher use ONLY

    Please show your results here,

    Don't write on the picture. , RESPECT MODEL (it's human on picture, it's not dog , cat or just flower)
    AFTER (and only AFTER ) Picture can be use on forum, profile , your personal retouch website .. if you post on facebook DON't POST BEFORE /AFTER .

    For credit only use : Anthony

    If you like my work, I'm allways looking for retouchers for my personnal tests in TF.


    My email : [email protected]

    don't forget i'm just french and my english is limited

    best regards,
    Anthony Chg

    picture here -->

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    Re: Offer Some Raw for Retouching [ amazing girl ]

    You have no practical way of enforcing any of that. My advice is not to post anything that you would prefer to keep out of the public domain. The comment about a lawyer makes you appear incompetent in business matters (not photography matters though, I took a look at one and it was nice). You're not going file a copyright infringement suit across country lines if someone doesn't follow this. First of all you would have to formally register it prior to any litigation (varies by country but almost always holds). If they're in another country, you would be likely to need an additional lawyer in that country who understands its laws.

    Only put something in the public domain if you're okay with it being there. The most a lawyer will do is send a takedown notice and charge you for it. It's not worthwhile.


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