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From camera to computer in real time???

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  • From camera to computer in real time???

    Does anyone do this? If so how?

    This question was posed on a Mac forum that I frequent and nobody there had a good answer.

    The questioner would like to be able to beam images immediately from his camera to his laptop while on photo shoots so that a decision can be made immediately whether to keep the shot or reshoot it.

    I know there are probably very expensive options available, but I think this fellow is looking for something in the economy line.

    Even if you don't have a Mac solution, I'd be interested in hearing about it. VirtualPC runs very nicely on our Macs these days so WinXP software might solve the problem.

    Take care, Margaret

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    What brand of camera?

    I have a Canon 1Ds and it came with the software (but I had to buy the cable) to do this, they call it "remote capture".

    I think that Nikon has a wireless thingee that goes on the camera and the computer, not sure as I am do not use Nikon and not really interested in wireless.

    Hope this helps



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      My wife used to work at one of those slap-dash department store photo studios and they use a traditional film camera that was coupled with a video camera connected to a monitor. This was years ago an it's probably done more efficiently now.


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        I've also heard of bluetooth wireless camera to computer interfaces.


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          Thanks for the responses - as the day goes on, it has been revealed, that he really doesn't know much about either computers or cameras, so any real help would fall on deaf ears.

          The whole idea is intriguing though and I just might have to put something like that on my wish list.

          Take care, Margaret


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