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    Re: Leica

    I have the Panasonic DMC FZ20. It has a Leica lens. It is my in-between camera. I am using it to earn the money to get a dSLR (thinking Canon 30D?).

    I love my Panasonic, it was worth the money for sure. I have begun to feel it's limitations, however. It is certinaly no dSLR. But it's great for what it is.


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  • cardmnal
    Re: Leica

    The Panasonic version is an interesting piece. The camera is designed by Leica but uses no Leica glass in the lens and Leica does not provide the electronics.

    We have tested these 2 cameras in our shop, shooting the exact same subject under identical lighting using the same settings and the Panasonic could not stand up to the Leica. Compared to the Leica, the panasonic image was not as sharp and the color was way off.

    Leica glass is amazing and is well worth paying an extra 20% on the price. Pluss the Leica comes with Photoshop Elements.


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  • Doug Nelson
    Re: Leica

    I've always admired Leica (probably as most do). But $100 is a lot to pay for a red circle. Unless I missed something in the specifications that makes up for the difference?

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  • KR1156
    started a topic Leica


    anyone take a look at the new Leica D-LUX 3.

    10 mpxl, Image stabalizer....what i like most is it shoots RAW. $600

    not bad.

    Pnanasonic makes a model very similar to it, i think it's the LUMIX LX-2 for $500.

    Just curious what ppl think about the new Leica model.

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