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Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?

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  • Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?

    Do WE want to have more "competitions" or more cooperative "here's what I photographed today -- tell me what you like about it", or some of each, or something different? My wonderings are not brought on by anything that has been said, but by the fact that this is a new forum and we have the chance to set things up the way we want them. Of course, we can always change it later.

    I have a bit of a competitive drive, but most of my work and play time has always been aimed at being cooperative. I believe this is one of those continuums that people find themselves changing their position on depending on the situation -- sometimes very competitive, sometimes very cooperative, mostly in-between. We all have to compete sometimes (to get a job, pass a test) but often such competitions don't involve directly competing against someone we know. Some folks are used to competing in team sports, but most folks are likely to be cheering on their favorite team from the sidelines -- but still feeling competitive.

    Rather than guess how other folks think/feel about setting up future photo assignments and other ways to show off our photographic images, I'm asking you to take part in this poll. Please post any additional ideas that don't seem to be covered by the poll, or that explain your poll selections. (Polls have tight limits on number of characters, and they don't allow much explanation. )
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    I want a competition with voting. Competition motivates us to photograph more, & improve our photos.
    Fewer competitions. I can explain what I like better in a comment than by voting.
    Let's do a monthly competition AND non-voting threads posting other photos
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    Re: Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?

    I like to see a bit of balance, so I voted for some of each.

    I like the idea of competitions, as long as they're held in a mood of friendly not cut throat competition. I believe they motivate you to take more shots, possibly of topics you would not otherwise have considered, and hopefully you'll also learn from the example set by others.

    On the other hand there are those of us who are not competitive by nature, and it would be unthinkable to edge them out of this forum by concentrating on the competitive angle too much.


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      Re: Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?


      I've tried three times now to begin this thread and express my views but can't pull it off without agony. I try to search for the right words; but they just aren't coming. I guess I'm just going to have to jump in and be blunt.

      1. Without the competition, this photography thread just become another gallery of sorts. There is already a gallery space on RTP. If I wanted to post to that space, I would.

      2. Since I believe that art/photography is as subjective and varied as there are people; then critiques without the input of the author/artist/photographer as to why something is the way it is are virtually useless.

      3. I'm not a competitive person. I try to avoid conflict unless I'm obligated to respond. That must say something about my peersonality (yes, I spelled that the way I wanted to). I will more often hunt for something good to say or will say nothing at all if a piece doesn't speak to me rather than offend or criticize.

      4. I'm participating because I have a passion for photography. I will take pictures, good, bad, and awful, with a few indifferent thrown in anytime anywhere. Most of those I will not post. I'm in this because I found a place where I can post and have fun with others who hopefully share their love of the same things. Let's just have fun and enjoy.

      5. The "judging", "voting" as such IMHO is meant to relieve the moderator of the burden of picking the subject each month. In that vein, I can enjoy the vote and enjoy other's photography.

      Sign me,

      Very Long Winded


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        Re: Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?

        I also voted for option 3. Contests are a fun way of pushing yourself to try something different

        This first contest produced a great winning image, and some great entries. Can't wait for the next assignment theme


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          Re: Poll: Competitions, Sharing, or a bit of both?

          Voted for #3 also.

          I think Janet said everything I feel. It's a scary thing for me to post pictures for others to critique - but I think it's the only way I'm going to improve. I like having a reason to think about and plan a picture.


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