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  • Raw ?

    Can anybody explain "raw" to me please ( as in for dummies) i am totaly confused by it Is it a type of file used by digital camera's ? or is it something you convert a file to ? etc
    As It is mentioned more and more i realise that i havent any idea what it actually is


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    Re: Raw ?

    RAW is like a digital negative versus a film negative. One does with RAW the same things and more than what one does in a darkroom processing their own film.

    For instance, in the darkroom, one has dodging and burning to help bring out detail or hide unwanted effects. It creates drama for a better picture. In RAW, one does the same thing. If the negative is underexposed, one lightens it or vice versa if the negative is overexposed. The saturation, contrast, exposure, and so forth can all be manipulated in RAW--the same way one would in a good darkroom.

    The new CS3 will also open .jpgs and .tiffs in RAW format. That giant leap forward will shorten processing time for .jpg shooters who have great pictures that just need that little extra tweak. It was a lifesaver for me last week as I processed engagement pictures for a photographer who shot in .jpg only. Once I took each picture into Photoshop, there was minimal correction; and I was able to return them to the couple as ready to print. (I was not the photographer, btw.)

    I hope this helps.



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      Re: Raw ?

      Janet gave a pretty good explanation. A RAW file is the data file before any processing is done to it. Shooting RAW will give you some latitude in exposure and white balance, but it will not resurrect a grossly over/under exposed shot. I have shot 100% RAW for about 3 years now. It does require more storage as each file from my 20D will average somewhere around 8MB. It also requires post processing and you have to sharpen them as none has been added. Here is a article that explains a little I hope this helps.


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        Re: Raw ?

        Thank you Janet and Dennis I understand "raw" a lot better now and will be more able to understand it when it is referred to ( usually) in a forum, i was finding it a bit confusing



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