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    Just wondering if anybody has any experience with this company?
    I've just signed up and ordered some prints in different sizes from 6x4 to 30"x20" just to see what the results are like. On the face of it, they look quite good, but I will judge them on the print quality

    They have a cracking 30"x20" offer on that ends at 12:00 tonight. It's £5.00 for a 30"x20" poster size print

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    I use them occasionally and I've been very pleased with them. The online submission and ordering is great. They're very easy to deal with, turn stuff around quickly and delivery quickly. The prints are also well packaged.

    On the downside, they don't provide colour profiles. When I compared sample prints to what I saw on screen (I use a GretagMacbeth calibrating system), the contrast was just about spot on but the colours were a little off.

    When I get round to it, I'm also going to try but their lack of online submission means I need to be organised. And I'm not. Yet.

    Hope this helps



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      Well I got my prints this morning, and I'm amazed with the quality.
      I expected the 30"x20" to look pixelated or grainy. WRONG, this print is crystal clear and very sharp I resized it to 4000 x 2833 pixels for the large print, but still expected quality loss in the printed version. It was printed on FujiFilm Crystal Archive photographic paper (fade resistance rating of 150 years), using a Polielectronica Laserlab printer.
      The small format prints are some of the best I've had to date, and the colours are spot on. I used their calibration image before adjusting the images for prints, and what I've got on paper is exactly what I see on screen. Delivery was less than 48 hours, and well packaged.

      To sum up, I can't fault the service or quality of the prints. They will be getting all my business from now on


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        That's great news. I didn't think you'd be disappointed.

        I've seen some of their other products like the calendar etc (a colleague had one done from his wedding pics) and that looks great. Very nicely put together. I've never heard anyone have anything bad to say about them.



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