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Plz help (canon eos-300d)

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  • Plz help (canon eos-300d)

    Hi there i live in N ireland and am currently looking to get into photography on a higher scale im looking a Dslr of some type and have been on ebay looking at the canon eos-300d and was wondering are they any good and is there another camera around the same price range

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    Re: Plz help

    Andy, check out the reviews at the link below

    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Plz help

      It's easy to fall into the "which camera [body]" is best?" trap. Keep in mind the camera basically records the image on the sensor and saves it on the card. As, or perhaps more important, is the lens. Too many people get high-priced bodies, but to keep costs down opt for not-so-good lenses.

      Bad lense + expensive body = not so good pictures.


      For your info: The 300D has been superceded by 350D. It looks like prices are about the same (in the U.S. anyway).

      If your choice comes down to one of these, I would opt for the 350D. Either one will serve you well until you're ready to upgrade in the future.


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        Re: Plz help

        When people ask this question, they always get the same reply. To know which camera will suite you best, go to a local photo/camera store and try out a couple of cameras in the same price range. The one that feels best in your hand will be your camera. If you have big hands then the Canon 350D or 400D may feel a little small compared to let's say Nikon D50. But then with a battery grip the camera will be bigger. Never buy your camera in a store though unless they are really cheap. The internet is often the best way to go.
        If you want information and reviews on cameras go to and read like mistermonday said!


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          Re: Plz help (canon eos-300d)

          When i first started my wedding business ( 4 years ago), I sold all of my 4x5 equiptment and bought film camera body-eos-I think a t2 can rememeber been a while, but it was cheap and it didnt do much, but i was trained in film, so I really could bypass what a begginer couldn't-and I bought expensive glass, that is the way to go.

          But what i would think matter is what is yoru end reult to make money with this camera? Are you doing sports, portrait or wedding? If your doing wedding a better camera body would save you money because of the iso expanansion, and light cost a ton so it might be worth it- hope that helps-teresa


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