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What Speedlight for my EOS400D

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  • What Speedlight for my EOS400D

    i want to buy a flash for my eos and have absolutely no idea which one.

    the following prerequisites are important:

    - it can not be expensive
    - i dont want it attached to my cam, but loose and automatically triggered via remote (or how ever it works ) (being able to some day use a few speedlights with the same system)

    additionally: what cheap accessory can you suggest if i want to trigger my cam via cable remote

    (i just came back running and somehow my dictionary does not work at all. so sorry for all misconceptions)

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    Re: What Speedlight for my EOS400D

    While you will most likely get some good advice here, I would suggest that the information from a place like POTN:

    will be more varied and from more people!

    I think that you want to obtain the Canon 580EX 5peedlights, if they are within your budget. Remote triggerng is another matter because the Canon ST-E2 is fairly expensive for what it does. Check out the POTN site specific to Canon Flash above. Make sure you read the stickies first!

    Good luck!
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      Re: What Speedlight for my EOS400D

      430ex + St-e2