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Getting and Giving RAW Files

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  • Getting and Giving RAW Files

    Im now working with the Pro Photographer as Im a digital artist.
    How can I get them raw files over? I mean this hotographer live miles away from me and want to give 75,85 raw files but its too much to sent onto a email.any best way to get them raw files??

    hope theres something!

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    Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

    Hi, get ftp, or mailed dvd.
    Best regards,


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      Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

      thanks..I have FTP...I know how to set up on PC, but apple are abit funny to do...Im working on a apple alots now..know any good FTP to get?? I did try Cyberduck as it was slow...

      thanks for your reply and hope theres more help!


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        Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

        Fetch works for me....


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          Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files


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            Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

            Unfortunately, the solutions to moving large files are just evolving. Yet, there are many good options for you and your photographer. In the end, it will depend on how much you want to spend.

            You can subscribe to your own web hosting service for as little as $10(US) a month. Use the host as you wish, for your Web Site or simply as a Virtual Private Server. The speeds to and from the hosting servers is excellent. However, your point-to-point speed eventually depends on your ISP's capabilities and the traffic within your local neighborhood routers. (There is no way to control internet traffic.) To maximize your speed, you should choose a Web Host that is local to your city/state, thus minimizing the number of hops between you and the host.

            Hosts such as YouSendIt (referred by pellepiano below) are basically the same, but have more user friendly interfaces. They also eliminate the other options associated with a web host. But, if you do not need those services now, then maybe a more intuitive interface would be better.

            With either of these, you can also schedule the uploads/downloads to happen during off-peak hours. This simplifies your workflow.

            Good luck !


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              Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

              Your connection type will have a greater influence then having a hosting company that is close to your location.

              Cable for example tends to have a upload limit cap which is quite a bit lower than the download speed. Even if your hosting company was in the same city it would not matter since the upload cap is what is causing the bottleneck.

              Realize that most hosts oversell and cram more users than their system can support.

              When you try to upload files the connection will time out numerous times.

              Using an ftp client that supports multiple connections (and your hosting server has to support it) can help.


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                Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

                If you're using a mac then iDisk is your best solution.
                Otherwise, Transmit is probably the best ftp program I've seen.

                Grab it here:



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                  Buy Fetch

                  Get hosting in your area and buy fetch.


                  Edit to add: does ppl still say "apple"? haven't heard/read that in a while
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                    Re: Getting and Giving RAW Files

                    Again check and see where your bottleneck really stands.

                    There is no point to get hosting in your area when you are capped to a lower upload speed through your cable provider (if you use cable).

                    Also the chances or having a top of the line hosting center in your own town are a bit slim.

                    Speed is not cheap.

                    If you want top shelf service you have to pay.

                    I personally have my site hosted on Medialayer.


                    To most people these prices would sound insane because they think they can get 50GB from PowWeb for $5.99 per moth (or whatever their regular offer is now).

                    What PowWeb does not have is redundant gigabit backbone, quad core servers, RAID 10 arrays, LiteSpeed for PHP 4&5 MySQL 5.

                    The reason I did got with Medialayer was because I have a photog friend whose site got posted on digg and he was getting a high ammount of visitors (500,000 unique in 6 hours). The site never went down once.

                    Had his site been hosted on one of the popular hosting companies (which oversell and say they give you 50GB of space) it would've been down and his account would've been disabled.

                    You can simply see by their prices that they are about quality not quantity.

                    I also have a account for my online delivery side of the business.

                    There are times when I have to get stuff out quickly and I upload straight to my MediaLayer site.

                    To most people places like RackSpace or Medialayer may seem expensive.

                    You could go with something like PowWeb or some of the other "web hosting sites" but they do oversell a lot which causes slow performance.

                    As far as FTP clients one of the best is Filezilla

                    3 Reasons Why Filezilla is one of the best FTP clients
                    1) Supports resume and transfer of large files (>4GB)
                    2) Dynamic and customized speed limits
                    3) Keep-alive with custom speed boost for slow connections.
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