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photoshop web gallery help??

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  • photoshop web gallery help??

    hi...i was hoping there would be someone around to help me figure out how to email this...i finally figured out how to make it and tried to email it but it's not a proper link...can anyone help?

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    Re: photoshop web gallery help??

    What are you trying to email? The entire Web Gallery (too big for that) or a link to it on your web site?



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      Re: photoshop web gallery help??

      thanks...just realized it's just for putting on a website...which i don't have...i was thinking i could email a link to view it from the local host but realized that only works on my computer...waaa!! i was really happy about it for a sec....


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        Re: photoshop web gallery help??

        RetouchPRO has a Gallery available for members that you could email a link to your friends and family... or you could use any of a number of other online photo album/storage sites.. flickr, photobucket, webshots, picasa, shutterfly, myphotoalbum, plus a bunch more (mostly free)


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          Re: photoshop web gallery help??

          thanks...i do use photobucket and flickr...i'll just keep doing that...i was thinking i could skip the step of resizing and uploading which would've been super cool....oh well...thanks for trying to help.


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            Re: photoshop web gallery help??

            you don't have to resize to upload to adorama and if you are sharing --your family will be able to download the full size version


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              Re: photoshop web gallery help??

              Originally posted by swarbees View Post
              you don't have to resize to upload to adorama and if you are sharing --your family will be able to download the full size version
              I do not think that you can upload an entire web gallery as created with Photoshop. The way I understand it, you can upload the individual pictures and arrange them in an on-line album. Please correct me if I am wrong.



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                Re: photoshop web gallery help??

                i'll look into it thanks...i have just begun the learning process but agreed to help someone with a project they are working i'm retouching pics for them and sending several different versions for them to look would've been perfect if i could do that straight from photoshop...the web gallery seemed perfect ....if you could just email a link for them to see...because it just takes a long time to upload and send large files...and resizing a whole folder takes a long time too...i just wish there was an easier way to share with email clients or family/friends etc...


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