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Have you seen this camera strap?

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  • Have you seen this camera strap?

    Got my daily tip from, and thought it was worth sharing here. They have a link to the vendor, but also links to DIY tips on making one for yourself. (so it's not just a sales pitch.)

    "...The smart bit is the little slider attachment that allows you to glide the camera up the strap to your eye so you can take a picture. The camera moves, but the strap doesn’t.
    ..." - camera strap to buy or make for yourself

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    Re: Have you seen this camera strap?

    This strap looks very interesting, I have struggled to come to terms with a strap after only having a wrist straps on my compacts maybe this is a comfier answer
    Thanks C.J. for the info



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      Re: Have you seen this camera strap?

      Yes, I've seen it. A fellow on another site I belong to makes and sells them. They seem as if they would be ideal. No more struggling with dangling cameras, or trying to get your arm and shoulder out of the "sling" so you can take a picture. Thanks for sharing the link with others.



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        Re: Have you seen this camera strap?

        Maybe the question should be "Why a camera strap?"

        By the time most folks get the camera untangled from the strap, the photo opportunity is gone and one has missed the shot. If one has the camera in their hand, the chances are much better of getting that once in a lifetime moment. After all you are there to create great photos aren't you?

        And do not forget that a quick and clever thief with a sharp blade can cut the strap and begone with your camera before you even know it.

        So once again I am forced to repeat the old mantra, "The very best camera strap is a dead camera strap!"


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