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  • free images for porfolio

    Hi guys,

    I'm begginer retoucher and I want to create my portfolio so I need free hi res images for retouch.If you want to help me, pls send me your images with free copyrights and without retouch that can be use for this purpose.

    thank you

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    Re: free images for porfolio

    Hi Nisa,

    I'll make you the same offer that I made another post to the forum tonight.

    Look at my work and if you see anything you want to work just let me know and I'll get you a high-res image.

    I will not "free" the copyright but I will allow you the use of my images for the expressed purpose of use in your portfolio. I would ask that I be given photo credit when appropriate and that you provide me with a copy of your finished work. Just let me know.



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      Re: free images for porfolio

      Thank you Sweetlight I appreciate that.
      Of course I don't want a copyrights of your photos I only want your permission to use them for my portfolio.
      I'm intrested in beauty retouch so I'll browse your portrait photos and choose few of them.


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        Re: free images for porfolio

        Feel free to email me at [email protected] that way we can keep from clogging up the forums.

        You are probably going to see that the images have been retouched already so when you decide on the images email me the names and I'll find the raw files for you.


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