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  • Nikon Coolpix 5700

    We got a new digital camera, and I LOVE it!!!

    I posted a photo from our first go-round with it....check it out in the gallery or by clicking below. I really like it; in fact, I'm considering entering it in some photography contests......

    Opinions welcomed!
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    Aren't digital cameras great! What one did you get?

    Great job on the photo. Cats can be very difficult to photograph as they are very prone to red-eye with their reflective eyes! You did a great job avoiding this. Well done!



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      We got the Nikon Coolpix 5700. It's a sweetie, lemme tell you!

      I never use flash on animals if it can be avoided because of the reflection problems....with this one, I used a tripod set up right by my window and took with a reasonable shutter speed on digital equivalent ISO 100 film.

      That's why we love the 5700--you can go fully automatic OR fully manual, depending on the situation and your preferences!
      It's a beautiful thing :P


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        Great photo of your cat. I've had my Nikon 5700 for a week and I am very happy with it. I've always used a point and shoot camera. So I have a lot to learn.



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          Thanks for the advice on the camera and for the excellent sample pic. I personally have never bought one since they had too little memory and not enough resolution. Haven't checked into them lately, though, so maybe they have improved to the point where they would produce print quality photos. Will have a look at the Nikon 5700.

          Great photo of your cat! Love the all-over grayness of it, with plenty of variation in shapes and light. Soft a kitty kat deserves.



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            Phyllis and others who want to check out this camera might like to take a look here:

            dpreview - Nikon 5700 Gallery of sample photos


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