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  • Leon William
    Photography post processing services
    by Leon William
    We are among the digital photo editing companies offering high quality image editing for various business categories at competitive pricing.

    We do retouching for:

    • Family portraits
    • Baby portraits
    • Wedding portraits
    • Couple portraits
    09-06-2017, 03:02 AM
  • myfairies
    Evanescent Portraits
    by myfairies
    Hello! I'm new here and I found lots of nice tricks and tuts.....

    I'm expecially intrigued by some very light portraits I sometimes see. Lately I came across Mrs Vikki Hansen's gallery and I was enchanted by her children portraits: she can turn normal pictures into something really great!...
    07-17-2007, 01:46 PM
  • malart
    Retouching Portraits of Older People
    by malart
    I was asked about retouching of older people portraits ie those that are more heavily wrinkled, chiseled like features and in general portraits of those of which time has not been overly kind to. I personally have never done anything in this range and would like to ask if anyone here has and if so what...
    10-08-2010, 10:14 AM
  • AtlanaAnna
    Background added to portraits
    by AtlanaAnna
    I have seen background added to portraits such as the example I'm uploading. How is this done?...
    10-21-2005, 05:20 AM
  • twilightofidols
    Obtaining Portraits For Retouch
    by twilightofidols
    I'd like to do some freelance retouching, but currently I don't have any good quality portraits I could use without infringing on someone's copyright. Do any of you have a suggestion how I can find people to send me their portraits in exchange for a free service perhaps?
    09-15-2011, 05:24 PM