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Canon versus Zeiss

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  • Canon versus Zeiss

    Hello Folks!
    I presently own a Canon 5D Mark II and a 24-105 zoom but I want to buy a fixed optic to make various beauties at close range in the studio. The first question is: which one should I buy between 50mm and 85 mm? And the second question: because both the 50mm and 85mm are present in Canon, and Zeiss for Canon catalog, which one: Canon (gamma L) or Zeiss?
    My experience on Hasselblad/Zeiss optics was super satisfying.
    The Zeiss are 'manual focus' (for me ininfluent for studio work) so cost less.
    If anyone has a personal experience, come forward, thanks!

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    Re: Canon versus Zeiss



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      Re: Canon versus Zeiss

      Hi Jarulex,

      I have the EF 1.2/85mm L from Canon.
      Nice for selective focus.
      If you want all sharp fotos with an aperture of f=11 to 16 this is not the best choice, as its best aperture is around 5.6 to 8 I guess.

      I have no idea about the Zeiss for 35mm.

      I had Zeiss for my medium format. 120mm Macro Planar for 6x6. Extreme sharp lens - sometimes too sharp for Portraits on film with flashlight.
      Btw: Flash makes the photos much sharper - you should take that into consideration.

      I would suggest you to test it out - if possible.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Canon versus Zeiss

        I bought the Zeis 35mm a couple of months ago and it is stellar on my Canon 5D (mark I). I absolutely love it; it has been my most used lens since I bought it. It's super-sharp (at least on a par with if not better than my Canon 85 f1.8), and renders beautifully, although a bit warmer (in terms of colour) than the Canon lenses (which I find a bit 'cold', 'objective', or 'impersonal' compared to the Zeiss).

        I know, it's not the 50 or 85 you're looking for, but I've become such a fan of Zeiss lenses (saving up for a longer focal length) that I couldn't stop myself from posting :-D

        Canon lenses are great, but I'm sure you won't regret buying any of the Zeiss lenses :-)


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