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  • Batch Images

    it has been ages since I came here for the last time..
    a quick question...

    let's say I have 1,000 pictures, all different sizes, resolutions even different cameras... and I have to cut, resize, and save with this specs:
    - 3 x 3 Inches [square]
    - 150dpi
    - save as JPG

    What can I do to automatize the process?

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    Re: Batch Images

    Hi Arcadhia

    A couple questions to help clarify.

    - Do you want to crop your image to a square size or did you want your non-square image to fit totally within a square with a fill color or transparent.
    - If you do want to do a crop, do you want it all automated or do you want user intervention so that the square crop can be adjusted individually on each photo?

    That info would help determine what path would be best to take.


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      Re: Batch Images

      I could combine Image Processor, and an action.

      What John Wheeler asked will matter a lot when you create the action, so I can't go into detail here unless the details of the cropping becomes clear.

      1. In the Actions-panel (Window > Action), create a new Action and record the steps required to crop the image and set the size.
      3. Test it on a few images with different proportions and sizes to make sure you have made an action that will work on all images. Might get tricky.
      4. Select your images in Bridge, and choose Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor... (or go via Photoshop using File > Scripts > Image Processor...).
      5. Set File Type to JPEG (and whatever options you want).
      6. Set it to use your action at the bottom.
      7. Run. You images will end up in a JPEG subfolder (not overwritten).

      Note: Some things are not possible with Actions. Then it suddenly gets a lot harder and you might have to write a custom script (or use different software).
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        Re: Batch Images

        Ok let's say I'm webdesigning and it's an Online Store selling Purses, so the pictures will be with white background and the object will be centered on the picture, all of them at the same distance.... does that help?


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          Re: Batch Images

          Ps: Then print size in "inches" and "ppi" is nothing to worry about. Images are measured in pixels on screen. 3 inches * 150 pixels per inch = 450 pixels.

          So, the action (step 1 in my post) could go something like this:
          1. File > Automate > Fit Image... (450x450 px).
          2. Image > Canvas Size... Set it to (450x450 px).

          Nice and simple.

          Also, make sure "Convert to sRGB" is checked in Image Processor unless you include it in the action.

          Be aware that you will get better file size vs. image quality using Save For Web (especially since it can discard metadata). This would have to be included in the action (a bit tricky), and use the less intuitive "Batch" function instead of Image Processor.
          If the site has a content management system that recompresses the image anyway, then it is pointless, and just go for maximum image quality on a regular JPEG.


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            Re: Batch Images

            Thanks for the elegant approach Chain

            In front of Chain's two commands, I would consider using

            - Image > Trim....
            - Image > Image Size (and set resolution to 150 ppi without resample

            Adding the two above eliminates extra white space and keeps the metadata with the resolution you want (though like Chain indicated it won't print any different or change the quality). Just would be a little less confusing if someone was looking at the metadata and the resolutions and inch sizes were all different.


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              Re: Batch Images

              Thanks for sharing that Chain, that is excellent and something that will come in handy for me.
              I have never used the image processer before and cant believe I missed it.
              In the past for large resizing batches I would create a web gallery in PS, Bridge or LR, put in trhe specks in for the size needed and then when it finished processing I would then go to the resourse folder and take out the folder with my required size and dump all the rest.
              I allways thought there must be a better way.


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                Re: Batch Images

                Image Processor is brilliant (and much easier to use than the "Batch" function). I use it all the time when we have recieved images, and i need to convert them all to TIFF and e.g. run an action that sets the ppi to 300.

                Also, if I have to prepare pictures for PowerPoint, choose JPEG, sRGB, set size to max 1024x768 (as that is the max resolution of the usual projectors). Bam, all the images are ready.


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                  Re: Batch Images

                  I see that it is going to be a brilliant tool, already since learning about it earlier today I have used it, I had 920 images automated to contact sheets that I had accidentally saved as PSD's & I thought this is the perfect opportunity to convert the 46 contact sheets into jpegs using Image processor, it work a treat. Great tip.


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                    Re: Batch Images

                    What can I say but Thanks so much! ppl on my side was worry about this situation were a logistic disaster...


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