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Canon vs Nikon Colors

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  • Cameras: Canon vs Nikon Colors

    Hi, I wonder why most fashion/lifestyle photographers uses Canon , I stand before choosing my first ff camera , my choice is the Nikon D750 , but I noticed that the colors of the Canon are like from old school film cameras, more DREAMY look, and nikon more digital cold, is it true? will I be happy with Nikon?

    I want to get a similar effect as these photos

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    Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

    It doesn't matter if you shoot with Nikon or Canon. Shoot raw and if you want your images to resemble the samples you are showing it's done in editing after your shoot regardless of the camera brand.


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      Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

      i know but even after the post processing they look a little different


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        Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

        The images you linked to have nothing to do with a choice of camera Nikon or Canon but more to do with post processing of the raw data (or for that matter even JPEG).

        There is no reason why an image captured from any camera cannot be processed to appear as these examples.

        So make your camera choice based on more important issues such as buying into a system and handling characteristics and of course your budget.

        You will I am sure be happy with either Nikon or Canon


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          Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

          Originally posted by Tony W View Post
          The images you linked to have nothing to do with a choice of camera Nikon or Canon but more to do with post processing of the raw data (or for that matter even JPEG).
          Absolutely. There may be differences in the two systems set to produce a JPEG when set to capture the same scene but with raw, the differences are in the processing. Raw data isn’t really a color image anyway, it has to be rendered. The differences in JPEG are akin to the differences picking say Ektachrome versus Fujichrome, the rendering is based on each manufactures ideas of what they think their customers will prefer.


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            Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

            i love NIkon cameras all the time their giving excellent service for me..


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              Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

              Originally posted by llcooljozek View Post
              i know but even after the post processing they look a little different
              Unfortunately it's a lack of skill issue or lack of a well established workflow to meet your goals. Even within a given brand, there may be differences in how signal processing is handled from one model to the next. This doesn't affect what a given photographer wants from their work.


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                Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                a shop I worked at once did a comparison test between Nikon and Canon. I won't say which but one did very well with textiles (less moire, better color) and one did better with skin tones. There are bound to be differences because they are different designs. You just need to get ahold of both at one time and do a comparison test of your own.


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                  Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                  I agree that the jpg renditions of photos shot with Canon vs Nikon have very different color qualities. It's true that if your shooting raw you can edit the images to have similar effects but it is disconcerting to see the photo on the back of your camera (jpg) very different from the exact same image on the opposing brand of camera. If it bothers you a lot I would make that a consideration when choosing the camera system. If you already have the camera, it is possible to alter the warmth/coolness of the jpg images to be captured using the menu in the camera. Raw images will not be affected. Another point to be considered is in Lightroom where the images come in set to the Adobe profile. You can chose to use your camera's profiles instead if you are shooting RAW. I've foun that this can make quite a difference in the interpretation of the colors. Hope this helps.


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                    Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                    llcooljozek - The photos by Sam Robinson you referred to in you original post were shot with a medium format camera with a Phase One digital back, not a Canon, at least the Miami ones were -
                    I suspect the others were also.

                    I think that underscores what others are saying about the camera not necessarily dertermining the look of the color.


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                      Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                      And also understand there will be minor changes in colour rendition depending on factors such as the lens used (coating, number of elements, refraction), the ambient light colour temperature, the ration between the modelling light output and the flash output (if using studio flash), reflection from the various surfaces around you, and so on.

                      At the end of the day, photography is subjective; you create the image you envision using the tools (camera. lights, computer, software) that you have chosen.

                      You have complete control to render your image the way you see it. But to do that, you must be completely familiar with all your equipment and your workflow.

                      To achieve this shoot, shoot, shoot with a consistent workflow so that you can control as many elements as possible. Work on developing one look until you can nail it every time you shoot. That's the only way to a professional career.


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                        Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                        I realise this is an old post and this info won't be of use to skilled retouchers on here, but other people may find it useful in future looks at this thread. A company called VSCO produces software to match the look of Canon and Nikon DSLRs - wedding photographers use it a lot as a quick fix if their 2nd shooter uses a different brand of camera to the main shooter.


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                          Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                          A company called VSCO claims their software matches the look of Canon and Nikon DSLRs and film. The side by side proof they match is something I can't find.


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                            Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                            Andrew, you may indeed be right. I have never used it myself. I only know it is referenced on wedding photographer sites for this purpose. It may also be that it suits this form of user in a way that would not suit high end people on this forum. WPs often process 1000-4000 images for a single wedding, I am guessing volume/time becomes an issue?


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                              Re: Canon vs Nikon Colors

                              Lots of good feedback and the thread is old, but since it is a classic question, future readers may benefit.

                              Once you have basic post processing down and shoot RAW, it becomes about knowing your camera and how to get images to your taste. There are some annoying skin to greenish tendencies in one brand which defy a straight white balance fix, but it's not like natural light doesn't throw similar curveballs often enough that you need to be able to process around it one way or the other.

                              I end up using Canon or Nikons, which I don't own, but I use Fuji for my personal work (full disclosure: I still have an old Nikon but almost never use it).

                              I do think the Fuji does a better job with skin tones straight out of camera if you shoot JPEGs and the results of RAW files straight out of Capture One are solid. I have to do a bit more with Nikon or Canon. But the end result is just as good by the time it is done.

                              So the only reason I would make a distinction between brands is if for some reason you need to shoot images with little or no post processing. For example, my friends who shoot sports and photojournalism. Many photojournalists are now required to submit unmanipulated jpegs generated by the camera (due to recent high-profile PJs getting caught doing unethical manipulations).

                              Also, I set my camera to display B&W while shooting (works better for me and helps me see tones better) even though my end product may be color.


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