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Do you shoot tethered?

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  • Technique: Do you shoot tethered?

    Especially outdoors, do you shoot tethered? What's your setup? Live or fileview only?
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    Re: Do you shoot tethered?

    Shooting tethered is a nice tool, of course useful in some applications, not so much in others.

    In studio easy to use for things like copy work and some portraiture. I used a program that came with my Canon camera (this was before Lightroom). Gave me an advantage over my competition. Those senior girls mom's (the persons writing the checks) really liked it.

    For outdoor shooting I did not use it, too much gear, hard to see screen etc.

    However I did have one type of photography where I shoot tethered at all times. I did quite a bit of "Event Photography" where we shoot and printed on location, things like company parties, golf tournaments, Santa Claus, dances etc. The system was all mounted on a cart, camera, computer and printer so we could shoot, check the image, select the print size and number and send the file to the printer. One could have that 8x10 in hand in about 90 seconds.

    Of course we were limited to places with 110 volt power and it was quite a production to set up and operate. Minimum crew of 2 and sometimes up to 6 or 7. The software was something from Kodak called (I think) "Portraits and More".

    With the older DSLR's and their small screens seeing the image was harder. But that is not the case anymore. However the problem with seeing the screen in bright light is still with us. Now they make all kinds of hoods one can buy or one can revert back to something that photographers have used since the beginning, a dark cloth. Problem solved!

    Hope that helps.


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