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    Re: We need more photographers

    I have been a brick and mortar professional photographer for about 40 years (formally started in 1972). One of my very first photo mentors was Ansel Adams himself, I was a friend and student of the late Dean Collins, many pros admit the father of lighting techniques we now use for everything. On the digital retouching side of things I have been using Photoshop since version 1.0 and I was on the international secret pre beta test and consultant team for Ps CS6 and CC. So I try to stay very current on everything photography. IT also limits my time to be on this forum.

    BUT I will disagree with many here stating that "retouching" is a torn in the side of photographers or that it does not go hand in hand with photography.. IMHO its all one thing these days and Retouching has never ben more important than it is currently.

    I have gained many ideas can concepts from this forum and its live programs. There was a few rusty times when internet connectivity made following programs but otherwise there has been so much valuable material shared in this forum.

    This program has opened my eyes to several folks Steve Caplin is one of these folks and as an aside made me buy his books. There have been many others as well.

    I think we need to find a way to incorporate more photogs in this group and possibly push more image sharing.

    I intend to stick around in a more routine fashion and thanks!


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      Re: We need more photographers

      I am going to do a formal post for my introduction later today, but thought this is so interesting and wanted to say this. Is is possible that there is a reputation as far as those who are considering themselves purists? Like they don't even join these forums because they think all we talk about is altering an image or images to be really fake and phony? I for one will promote this site as a great resource for sharing knowledge. One of the ways I will do this is by creating blog posts here. With the vast array of tools and social networking available to those on the internet, we can collectively get this message out! ; )


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        Re: We need more photographers

        As for me, I don't care about making someone prettier or more handsome. I want to know techniques to make my photographs look the way I want them to.

        I specifically want to get better at fine selections, selections on ambiguous edges and using blending modes.

        I imagine that these are crucial skills for retouchers and I want to repurpose them for what I do.


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          Re: We need more photographers

          I'm new to the site and unquestionably much more a photographer than a retoucher. My primary interest here is to come across professional retouchers whose style I appreciate and are looking to partner (outsource to). A side benefit is learning a little while I'm here.


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            Re: We need more photographers

            I am a photographer and just joined the forum.

            Many excellent points have already been made in this thread.

            I like the reference to Ansel Adams above, because he said the negative is the score and the print is the performance. In the modern world, post-processing is the work that becomes the performance (print or whatever other means of display).

            As a photographer, I used to say "post processing" for most of what I do to an image and think of the word "retouching" as specific to actions which change things (removing blemishes, liquefy, etc.) and, since I come from film and some photojournalism training, there are distinctions which are important in some contexts between what would be done in traditional darkroom work (contrast, dodging and burning, etc.) which is mostly ok for PJ and manipulating the negative or airbrushing the print, which is definitely not ok in PJ.

            I can't speak for all photographers, naturally, but I think this represents a view into how some of us think.

            My thinking has evolved and I now do portraits which head into the territory of more manipulated at least in the realm of color grading, reducing distractions, etc. Not into liquefy (at least not yet, but I just got here).

            A few thoughts on getting the word out to other forums. If you sign up and your first post is advertising another forum, that isn't going to go over as well. It looks like spam because it feels like a stranger showing up on your doorstep who wants to sell you something.

            If you are an active participant in the forum and, when it is relevant to the conversation, you post relevant comments and a link to a relevant discussion in another forum, that doesn't look like spam.


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