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How many lenses do you own?

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  • Cameras: How many lenses do you own?

    A two-part question with a limitation:

    1) How many lenses do you own?
    2) Of these, how many do you actually use?

    The limitation is to stick to your primary shooting body(s). Even my measly 2-lens collection grows impressively if I count old/odd inventory sitting in a closet somewhere.


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    Re: How many lenses do you own?

    I'm new to photography and I've found my self collecting lenses! I know own 5 but only use 2 on a regular basis - 85mm and 24 - 105mm.

    Collecting glass is very expensive hobby...


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      Re: How many lenses do you own?

      Favorite all around, most used lens is Canon 24-105mm
      Favorite when appropriate is the Canon 100-400mm
      Have a canon 105 Macro on a 2nd system for copy work, use at least once a month.
      Old, never really use much: Canon 20-35mm and 80-200mm
      Newer lens I use for low light is the Canon 35mm 1.4.


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        Re: How many lenses do you own?


        80-200mm 4.5
        50mm 1.8
        35mm 2.8
        105mm 2.8 Micro
        and 24-85mm 3.5-4.5

        I've using mostly the 35mm and the 80-200, which are both Nikkor ai series.


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          Re: How many lenses do you own?

          sigma 150-500
          canon 70-200 2.8
          canon 300 f4
          the nifty 50
          tamron 70-300
          and some short zooms
          birds thru the winter dragons thru the summer, anything else in between.


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            Re: How many lenses do you own?

            I have 3 lenses, Canon 18mm - 55mm, Canon 50mm and Tamron 70-300mm SP Di VC.
            The main two i use are the Canon 50mm and Tamron 70 - 300mm.
            I like to hoot most things but mainly Kitesurfing at our local beach so for that the Tamron is the main one.


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              Re: How many lenses do you own?

              i have 5 now..


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                Re: How many lenses do you own?

                Canon 24-105L Series
                18-135 SMT Mostly for Video
                55-250 hardly use it,

                The 2 I use most are the 24-105 and the 18-135
                I also have the kit lense that came with my old Canon EOS 550D
                I now have the EOS 70D.


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                  Re: How many lenses do you own?

                  Takes a while to realize what works


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                    Re: How many lenses do you own?

                    Well, i don't have time now to count how many lenses i have but they are many for sure because i have many cameras, DSLR and digital medium format and film medium format and also large format, so imagine how many lenses i have.

                    How many i do use is also subjective, it is all according to what i shoot, i can't make few lenses as my top choices as i use another lenses if i shoot something different, but i can give an example preview of what i use for what i shoot from what i have.

                    1. DSLR [Canon]:

                    Landscapes & Architecture/cityscape: TS 17 & 24II, 16-35L, 24-105 [24-70 is in repair since 2 years and i didn't get it back due to lack of fund], and the new lens in my collection Samyang 14mm

                    Sports: 70-200 2.8II, 300 2.8IS mk1, EF 85 1.8

                    Macro and still life: Canon 100 2.8 non L

                    Portraits: 24-105, 135L, 85 and 50 1.4

                    2. digital medium format [H4D-60]:

                    Portraits in studio or outdoors: HC 80, HC 120 macro

                    Macro and still life: HC 120 macro

                    Landscape and architecture: HCD 28mm

                    3. Film medium format:

                    Landscape and cityscape: Mamiya 50mm and Hasselblad 60mm and Fujica GSW690III[fixed lens], and later i will buy Mamiya 7II lens 43mm to be another favorite to be used here

                    Portraits: Mamiya RZ 180, Mamiya RB 90, Mamiya7 65mm

                    Macro: anything as i don't have a dedicated macro lens, i use Mamiya RZ 180mm more

                    Large format is not in use yet and not many lenses, all of them can be used later if i start to shoot with LF, and i still have many lenses to what i mentioned above.


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                      Re: How many lenses do you own?


                      I carry around 7 - 10 lenses in my bag almost all the time. I'm a Pentax shooter and the small size of the lenses they produce makes it possible to carry many optics in a small space. Typically I would always carry the '3 amigos' - the 31 f1.8, the 43 f1.9 and the 77 f1.8 and almost certainly the 'wedding pair' of 16-50 F2.8 and 50 -135 f2.8. then it depends on what I'm shooting. For street I may load the 15mm f4, 21mm f3.2 and 40mm f2.8 pancakes (these lenses can fit in a your pocket without a problem) for portraits I may also load the 55mm f1.4 and the 100mm macro. For landscapes I have a 12-24 f4 as well.

                      For those not familiar with the Pentax system, the first three lenses I mentioned are film era FF lenses, the others are designed for crop sensors; but it is thought that at least some of them will also work acceptably on a larger format sensor. We will find out for sure early next year

                      If were to count all those in my camera cupboard it would total over 50, but very few of these get to see any light these days. Occasionally I like to put an adapter on a body and shoot beautiful old screw mount Takumars just for the hell of it.


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                        Re: How many lenses do you own?

                        Sigma 70-300
                        Tamron 28-70
                        Nikon 50 1.8

                        Tamron is my favorite, but I use them all.


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                          Re: How many lenses do you own?

                          My most used camera body is... a Fuji X100S fixed lens camera (35mm equiv).

                          Should I mention my DSLR with Sigma 17 - 70 mm zoom, Tamron 90mm macro lens and fixed 50 mm. Rarely used lately !


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                            Re: How many lenses do you own?

                            I own lots of lenses and actually use all of them, including the ones purchased for student use. Judicious purchasing made this possible.


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                              I don’t think that lots of lens is necessary for my photography so I currently own a 12-24, 24-70,70-200 and a 50mm prime covers just about everything i want it to.


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