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Emphasising the focal point within photograph

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  • Emphasising the focal point within photograph

    I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on post processing to help with lleading the eye to the important part of an image.

    In traditional art painters often begin designing their artwork with a value study - a simplified thumbnail sketch where they'll block out of the scene in just a few greyscale values. Often the most successful images are often those with a simple arrangement of values. After sticking a gradient map adjustment layer (spit into solid 0, 33, 75, 100% black) onto successful images and less-successful ones I've learnt that this is very much the case.

    When painting, there is a lot of scope to simplify areas of the image that are not meant to draw attention but am wondering whether anyone gives much thought to this when processing their photographic images? And whether you only use intuition or have found some tricks/formulas along the way?

    I've learnt that certain lighting directions will only work when a building facade is composed of glass or a simple arrangement of components for the above reason - would love to share some ideas.

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    Re: Emphasising the focal point within photograph

    Intuition is the accumulation of skill and knowledge. Yes, all art books apply.


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