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How did she get this effect?

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  • How did she get this effect?

    Hi everyone!
    I was wondering how did she (Katharina Sieverding) get this effect?
    Any idea? Thanks in advance
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    Re: How did she get this effect?

    You could probably do this by desaturating everything, then adjusting it in favor of red. Channel mixer might be good a good way to go from monochromatic to red. To get the halos, experiment with the use of sharpening with a wide radius, an increase in contrast using brightness/contrast, or both.

    Plan on some retouching work to get the continuity there, as you have no way of knowing exactly what she did or choosing a starting image that matches precisely.

    This is a fairly simple approach, but you will have to work out the low level details if you want a reasonably good repeatable result. This shouldn't be too difficult.


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      Re: How did she get this effect?

      Thanks Kiev, I'll give your suggest a try!


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        Re: How did she get this effect?

        The end result can depend on how the face is lighted (evenly or with hard shadows). Here are three examples of the same face (very low res jpeg, evenly lighted with no hard shadows on the face), using a combination of various filters:

        Filter/Stylize/Glowing Edges


        Filter/Artistic/Neon Glow

        Also used Hue Saturation to colorize, and curves to adjust contrast. No masking or selecting. More could be done but this is a good start.
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          Re: How did she get this effect?

          Thank you so much Shoku!!!


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