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  • Gear: Poor conversion

    I have 2 12.5mg raw files of a hummingbird in flight. My View NX software will NOT convert the files at all, and my paint software only makes 3k files!
    What downloadable conversion software is there that will make jpgs of a decent size?

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    Re: Poor conversion

    What camera are the raw files from - manufacturer and model number?

    View NX is Nikon specific and AFAIK will not convert other manufacturers raw files.

    If the raw files are from Nikon camera then your View NX may be outdated.

    If you do not have current Adobe Camera Raw either PS or LR then have a look at RawTherapee


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      Re: Poor conversion

      Originally posted by Tony W View Post

      If you do not have current Adobe Camera Raw either PS or LR then have a look at RawTherapee
      He has full adobe package. It's a mystery why he using View NX


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        Re: Poor conversion

        If all else fails try Irfanview (free).... seems to do it all and very well also


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