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    Got my daily tip from, and thought it was worth sharing here. They have a link to the vendor, but also links to DIY tips on making one for yourself. (so it's not just a sales pitch.)

    "...The smart bit is the little slider attachment that allows you to glide the camera
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    do you know where your camera manual is?

    It is fairly easy to get one online.
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    Hello All,
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    Is there any way to turn off the shutter clicking sound without turning down the volume for my music - it interrupts and startles me constantly.
    04-02-2007, 01:48 PM
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  • Gear: Remote control

    I have a ML-L3 remote control for a Nikon P900 camera.
    There is no way that I can make it work the shutter.
    Is there a way to check the controller is working? The battery is fully charged.
    Is there a technique required to set the camera ready as in the self-timer section?
    My thanks to anyone solving this for me.

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    Re: Remote control

    Did you change your camera to remote control?


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      Re: Remote control

      Thanks a lot, Tulack. I found the remote icon in with the self-timer menu. Didn't say remote but the icon was explanatory once I knew what I was looking for. So simple yet it was a mystery to me.