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The window people of Austria

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  • My Photography: The window people of Austria

    Back in 1985 I was part of a college trip to Europe on the way to an archaeological dig in Jerusalem. As best as I can recall, these photos were taken in Mattsee, Austria.

    It appears I took these “human studies” from a hotel window as I watched the locals going about their business. And one of them was watching me!

    Photos attached include the original or similar frames as well as some artsy post-processing.

    If anybody knows the guy with the camera, I'd love to see the photo of me he took ;-) The neighborhood is shown in the colorized street scene.






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    Hi niamul21, tell me what other info you're looking for.


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      It's a different concept of photography that I never encounter. All pictures looking dramatically beautiful. I don't know what is the techniques to make this ordinary picture extraordinary in people's eyes. But I can only understand that it needs lots of experience and skills.


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