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Screen calibration with different luminance values

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  • Screen calibration with different luminance values

    I use ACR and Photoshop for my editing.
    Lately I upgraded my screen and calibrated it to the general standard 120 cd/m2, 6500 K and gamma 2.2.
    The value 120 cd/m2 from a larger screen made it a bit harder to look at the screen for hours. So I began wondering why this value, 120 cd/m2, has been chosen as a common standard - AND if it would harm my images if I used e.g. 90 cd/m2 while others would still look at them at 120 cd/m2 (?)

    This is my thought experiment:

    If I select the value 254 for a highlight in a specific image with my screen calibrated to 120 cd/m2, I'll have to push the exposure slider to the value e.
    If I do the same with my screen calibrated to 90 cd/m2 I'll need to push the exposure slider to e+g to reach the value 254 for the same highlight.

    So, for the same image I'll end up with two xmp files with different exposure values.

    Will those two images look identical on a screen calibrated to 120 cd/m2 - or will the e+g version now show 255+ in the highlights ???

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    This is out of my area, sorry. Let's hope Chris Tarantino is around. He's your man for that kind of thing.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Then I am looking forward to Chris Tarantino coming around. Is their any way to accelerate that happening - e.g. by forwarding a link to him?


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        Not really. You can try messaging him here if he has that enabled (click on his name in any forum post), but I don't think it would be appropriate for me to do it.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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